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A quotation from Eileen Agar about play that I received today and felt I ought to share

14 Jun

I have spent my life in revolt against convention, trying to bring colour and
light and a sense of the mysterious to daily existence. But the English urge
towards philistinism is impossible to avoid, though one may fight it root and
branch. One must have a hunger for new colour, new shapes and new possibilities
of discovery. The twentieth century has begun to realise that most of life’s
meaning is lost without a spirit of play. I play, all that is lovely and
soaring in the human spirit strives to find expression. To play is to yield
oneself to a kind of magic, and to give a lie to the inconvenient world of
The last to sentences are the significant ones but I have included the lead in

Eileen Agar was a brilliant painter from the middle of the last centuary, perhaps most famous for her association  with Paul Nash