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Come on, it’s not so bad – the APPG report on play

28 Oct

I really welcome Bernard’s analysis. It is refreshing and thought provoking as ever, which is much needed. This is also very much the stand that the Children’s Play Policy Forum have taken, though in perhaps a more muted way.

My own view is that what the sector now needs after the tree has been shaken, is to watch for falling fruit to be picked and developed (eaten?).

Bernard Spiegal

It’s true, the recent report on play by the All-Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood would have benefited from some judicious editing and organising in terms of structure and length. True, too, that there are points where it veers off in directions that some might feel are not entirely consistent with other points it seeks to make.

But if you’re of a mind that repetition of one’s cardinal beliefs is evidence of their veracity, this may be the report for you. For not a page goes by where one is not reminded that, truly, play is a wondrous thing – as activity; as state of mind; as scourge of obesity epidemics; as generator of formal educational achievement – capable of generating every kind of benefit. No slouch, either, this report, for it takes care to reference the basis of its analysis and conclusions.

Nevertheless, disappointment has been expressed…

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